Laravel Interview Questions and Answers

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Laravel Interview Questions and Answers

What is the laravel framework?

What is the latest version of laravel?

How we can install Laravel by composer?

What is middleware in Laravel?

What are the basic concepts in laravel?

What is database migration in laravel? How to use this?

What is service providers in Laravel?

What is lumen?

What is the configuration for Laravel 5.7?

How can we turn off CRSF protection for a particular route?

Which template engine laravel use?

What is Facade in laravel and how it is used? Explain

How to make a helper file in laravel?

How can we use middleware in laravel?

What is an artisan? Name some common artisan commands?

What is the service container in laravel?

How can we configure a mail-in laravel?

What is Auth? How is it used?

What are the features of laravel?

What's new in Laravel 5.7? Explain

What is Package in laravel? Name some laravel packages?

What is validation in laravel and how it is used?

How to extend a layout file in laravel view?

How to redirect form controller to view file in laravel?

How to make a constant and use globally?

How to remove /public from URL in laravel?

How to use Ajax in any form submittion?

How to enable query log in laravel?

How to get current route name?

How to create model controller and migration in a single artisan command in Laravel?

How to pass multiple variables by controller to blade file?

How we can upload files in laravel? Explain

How to pass custom table name in model?

How to make a custom validation rule in laravel?

How to assign a variable value for all view file?

How to use session in laravel?

What is soft delete in laravel?

What is Queues?

How to add multiple AND conditions in laravel query?

How to use join in laravel?

Top 60+ Laravel Interview Questions

We are going to share with you latest and most common asked laravel interview questions with answers for freshers and experienced professional. See below some top laravel interview questions, for more visit us at Laravel Interview Questions.

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