Network security has always been an issue nowadays. In the last few lustrum, there has been a lot of interest in ethical hacking. Usually, Hackers work on to protect computer systems from dangerous networks.

Ethical Hackers are hired by organizations to perform penetration testing. Such type of hackers are experts in computer security, they protect organizations highly confidential data. For certified ethical hacker, you need to be an expert in social engineering techniques.

Ethical Hackers need to know illegal hacking preventions. A career in ethical hacking is very profitable and rewarding. Hackers should have strong knowledge in networking and programming. Before starting your career in this field, you need to know the types of hackers. Learn and become an expert in Ethical Hacking with specialist guidance.

Types of Ethical Hackers

1. Licensed Penetration Tester

This type of hacker performs both black and white box tester. They will look for vulnerabilities in systems and networks.

2. Cyberwarrior

Cyber Warriors are computer experts, they can participate in cyber warfare.

3. Black box tester

This type of hacker is hired by a company to infiltrate a computer network. Black box testers strengthen their website for future performance.

4. White box tester

This type of hacker is hired by a company to break a computer network. These hackers are like black box testing hackers, they both are legally breaking the computer networks. The only difference between these two is that black box testers have complete knowledge in infiltrating.

5. Hacktivists

Hacktivists hack the computer system illegally for social and political reasons. While hacking, hackers leave a large message in websites. Some of them are using this for site protection.

Become a certified ethical hacker with the best guidance, Ethical Hacking course in Chennai is the right choice for every beginner.

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