What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a free, open source program originally designed for blogging, but is now used to manage all types of content. You can download it on your web host and edit it as you wish.

The program consists of two main components:

Admin panel (backend)

The blog interface is shown to visitors and is controlled by the Blog Manager through the control panel and Wordpress files

Why do I use Wordpress?

There are many reasons to use Wordpress, the most important of which is:

Compatible with Arabic

Free and open source

Easy to install and use (Wordpress is famous for easy installation, which does not take more than five minutes)

Provides thousands of specialized plugins that increase its usability

Comply with search engine requirements in an excellent way

Popular  (used by millions of people)

What is the difference between free hosting (wordpress.com) and self-hosting (wordpress.org)?

Although WordPress also provides free web hosting on wordpress.com, the services and control capabilities are limited compared to the self-hosted version. For example, do not allow you to localize php files that control many important things such as view history. This will not be the name of your site independent but part of the wordpress site.

WordPress  programming languages?

WordPress uses two basic programming languages: CSS and PHP. In general, the first concerns the design and layout of the blog or site, while the second is contentious. When you upload WordPress template, you will find it contains several php files and one css file (usually) named style.css. This file is the one that controls all aspects of shape and appearance such as colors, fonts, styles, sizes and backgrounds. Of course, depending on the template, the content of this file is different. Also, the templates differ in terms of the php files they contain. The data is stored in a dedicated MySQL database.


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