Since the time of its inception, AngularJS has been creating a lot of buzz in the market. Especially for impressive web development and rich web application development, experts are relying a lot on this Google powered advanced AngularJS technology these days.

BuiltWith report says that presently, 1,034,332 live websites are using AngularJS. And this JavaScript-based framework has got wide acceptance among different industry verticals.

But have you ever wondered why AngularJS is getting so much attention? What benefits does it offer to developers and businesses? What are some globally popular websites and applications that are using AngularJS? Find all your answers here in this blog along with some practical use cases of this brilliant JavaScript-based technology.

What Are Some Major Benefits Of Using AngularJS?

AngularJS-built websites and applications are both responsive and dynamic. This advanced JavaScript-based framework follows MVC architecture. This Model View Controller architecture of AngularJS allows web developers to come up with beautiful, feature-packed, and rich web applications.

Other significant benefits offered by AngularJS are:

i) Code reusability

ii) Enhanced security

iii) Convenient testing

iv) The faster and easier development process

v) Strong community backup

vi) Seamless access management

vii) Simple architecture

Improved development efficiency, and more.

So, you can understand why developers can’t keep calm about AngularJS. Also, for these reasons, most industry-specific businesses are showing great interest in building web applications with AngularJS.

List Of Globally Popular Websites And Applications Built Using AngularJS

Some globally popular enterprises are leveraging the power of AngularJS. And this list includes:

i) Netflix, an on-demand internet streaming media service

ii) PayPal, the globally renowned American internet-based payment company

iii) Gmail, the most used free email service available

iv) Upwork, an amazing platform to connect employers with skilled freelancers

v) Walmart

vi) The Guardian, the British daily newspaper

vii) The New York Times

viii) Wix, the web-based platform that lets users create stunning websites

ix) JetBlue

x) iStock

xi) Localytes

xii) IBM

xiii) Lego

xiv) Vevo, and more.

If you are looking to hire skilled AngularJS developers and experts, who can help you in building amazing web applications, get in touch with a trusted AngularJS web development company. With the experts’ assistance, you can craft beautiful web applications as per your requirement.

Practical Use Cases of AngularJS

Using AngularJS technology, designers can use HTML as the template language. Also, HTML’s syntax extension is possible with this JavaScript-based framework. It helps in conveying the application’s components easily.

Otherwise, features like RESTful API handling, dependency injection, templating, AJAX handling, two-way binding, modularization, etc. make the web application development process with AngularJS much easier.

Here you will see some of the practical use cases of this advanced technology.

Single Page Application (SPA)

The trend of building a SPA is not a new one. It has been around for years. However, it has not yet been widely embraced in the public Internet.

Recently, Single Page Applications are getting a lot of attention. This is not because you can use AngularJS to build it. Rather SPAs have several benefits to offer as well.

When a visitor visits a website, rather than fetching and loading separate pages, a SPA can offer a better fluid experience. In a single page application, all the code you write for the website is dynamically loaded as necessary or retrieved up-front. Thus, visitors get a feel of using a desktop application.

Also, Single Page Applications (SPAs) are extremely easy to deploy in Production compared to more traditional server-side rendered applications. To get data, the application has to make calls to the backend which is a separate server. So, you can build it using completely different technologies like PHP, Java, or Node.

Creating a Menu In An Instant

Can you think of a website without navigation menus? This makes no sense right? Be it a single-page website or a multi-page one- navigation menus are a staple of any website.

Now, you can devise impressive Menus for a website with almost no effort using AngularJS technology. Craft such website Menus that respond to user inputs like a click or touch easily. Also, with AngularJS, you can include impressive animation effects on the menus! Just by combining the powerful JavaScript-based framework with a little CSS and HTML, you can do all these.

No wonder why most developers today favor AngularJS a lot.

So, Is This All?

Well, no, definitely not! In the future, we are going to see more effective use cases of AngularJS. Already this framework can handle the project’s wireframes at the initial development and testing phase along with other demands like transitions and animations for web applications and websites. So, it is expected that AngularJS will only become better with time.

To get the most out of this advanced technology, you will need to consult with the experts. Reach them with your requirements and consult them. The experts will guide you in the right way. 


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