Concepts And The Difference Between Web Services And Micro Services

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Concepts And The Difference Between Web Services And Micro Services

Evolution is a perennial flow and the evolution of technologies and operators providing those services is apparent too. With time the world of Information Technology has taken a fast track and has built high foundations for providing a user-friendly interface. The system that you get to see nowadays are built using different forms of services.

The microservices refer to the services that can be added to the existing application in order to enhance the application by making seamless changes. Web services, on the other hand, are based on the XML messaging system. These services are designed with the help of internet technologies and are available on the internet. It is recommended to hire a perfect website development company to get the Custom web development services for your product.


This is a software development architecture that is used for building small modules in an application. These are loosely coupled modules. The developer can deploy these technologies individually in various technologies since they are bounded or attached to each other. The other microservices thus remain unchanged when a change or modification is done in any one microservice. 

Enterprise Mobility Solutions need such kind of flexibility because they cannot stop their software even for a day because that can affect their workflow. In case of any errors, the code can be corrected faster. The popular video streaming applications like Amazon and Netflix are based on these microservices.

Web Services

With web services, you can expose the functioning of one app to another one. Developers use Standard internet technologies for building such services. It is a network approachable interface. It uses XML messages and acts as a platform where we can interact with distributed applications using its functionality. It also allows us to build distributed applications by XML messages transmission. With web services, the applications that are developed in different technologies are able to communicate with each other. They can communicate with each other in XML and Jason format. Web services are not made using programming language or operating system. In a service-oriented architecture, web services enact as a connection technology.

The contrast between web services and microservices

Basics: The development style in both web services and microservices is different. They both are architecture for developing applications. The microservices provide structure to applications in the form of modules by loosely coupling them. With this, you get a Service Oriented Architecture which is lightweight. The other type of interface accessible through the network to the applications are web Services. Web services use cumulative protocols like SMTP, HTTP, XML or Jabber.

Architecture: With a microservices architecture, the larger services are divided into smaller modules. It is organized around business capabilities and Priorities. With web services, it’s architecture is lightweight service-oriented.

Structure: Microservices can be added to web services. This designing of this architectural style is arranged on business abilities. The services that can be accessed through the World Wide Web. While a web service behaves as an abstraction layer. The layer differentiates the platform from details specific to programming languages. Through HTTPs, it's basically a way of API representation.

The Contrast:

Microservices refer to the design or the development of a specified smaller unit of the entire web application. Web services refer to the development of a web page as per the requirements of the clients. Microservices can be a branch of web services.

The different applications built as microservices can be divided into multiple components, these are further as different web services. This feature makes to runs the unique process, which redeploys independently without affecting the functionality of the application.


With the evolution of technology, Enterprise Mobility Solutions can be taken across various developmental phases. The development of responsive web design services and custom web development services can be achieved by hiring a top website development company.

In the same manner of evolution, we can conclude that microservices are basically autonomous and small services while web services are those services which are present across the internet. Standard Internet Technologies are used to build Web services. Web service generally refers to a service offered by one application to the other, communicating with each other through the internet. A microservice can be a web service and a web service need not be a microservices.

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