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Ssl posts, videos, courses, and more

HTTPS for Local Development with MiniCA

HTTPS for Local Development with MiniCA

In this tutorial we will use minica to enable us to run our web applications over HTTPS for local development. To read more about about minica check out their website. Generate Certificates You can use their binary from their github page or use my docker image to generate the certificates to a ./certs directory: $ docker run --u...

Ruan Bekker

8 months ago

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SSL Checker Linux Command Line Tool

SSL Checker Linux Command Line Tool

IntroductionThe SSL Checker tool allows you to quickly diagnose problems with your SSL certificate installation and also gives you some useful information like when your SSL certificate would expire, the issuer of the certificate, and more.As a Linux terminal lover and a person who lives in the shell, I've decided to w...

Bobby Iliev

1 year ago

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