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Bobby Iliev ยท 4 months ago

How to manage your Materialize migrations with Laravel Zero?

Introduction Managing your schema migrations is essential for any application. In this tutorial, we will show you how to manage your Materialize schema migrations with Laravel Zero. Material...

Bobby Iliev ยท 1 year ago

How to Remove a Migration in Laravel?

Introduction Adding columns or tables to your database manually could be an intimidating process and would more often than not lead to database inconsistencies between your different environ...

Michael Dyrynda ยท 3 years ago


Vagabond is a project that lets you leverage Nomad - Laravel-style database migrations wherever they may roam.Nomad gives you the power of Laravel's database migrations without the need for...

Tony Lea ยท 9 years ago

How to add a new column to the database using migrations

Tony Lea ยท 9 years ago

Renaming Database Tables in Laravel 4

Lets say you've been digging Laravel Migrations and you run into an instance where you need to rename your table. Would you manually change the migrations you already created to reflect the...

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