Paddle account doesn't have Subscription Plans section / How to configure annual subscriptions


Oct 4th, 2023 12:13 AM

Hello. I'm trying to set up my Wave site with Paddle's sandbox and I'm following the documentation but I don't see a "Subscription Plans" section in Paddle. I was able to create a new product in the Products section and define recurring billing options there but when I connect those IDs to the subscription plans in Wave's settings, they don't work.

Additionally, I'm noticing that Wave only allows for monthly options. Is there a way to configure 3-month or annual subscription models?


Oct 4th, 2023 01:12 AM

Best Answer

Hi there,

We recently had the same discussion here:

Very recently Paddle switched to their new API called Paddle Billing and this is still not supported by Wave nor any other Laravel packages like Laravel cashier.

I've started working on a PR to upgrade Wave and adapt it with the new Paddle changes:

However, this might take a while as their new API version has a lot of changes.

While this is still work in progress, I've reached out to paddle to point out that their sudden switch might be a problem for other tools as well.

They just got back to me with:

Thank you for all the details, I completely understand your concern. Can you please let me know which accounts you need to change to Paddle Classic, so I can check with the team the possibility of change it? I'm afraid we can't add a rule to have new accounts using Paddle Classic by default, but once you create the account, I can work with the team to see if it can be downgraded. I look forward to hearing from you.

What you could do is to reach out to their support team and ask them to change your account to Paddle Classic so that you could already start using Wave.

Alternatively, you could wait for the PR to be ready instead!

Regarding your monthly question. The subscription period is actually controlled by Paddle, so you can just create an yearly plan there and it will work fine with Wave as well.


Nov 12th, 2023 10:36 AM

How is that coming along? I followed the tutorial and set up a stripe account, had some trouble so checked documentation and it seems stripe isn't even an option anymore. I set up Paddle per the documentation, and couldn't find the subscription section. Some searching lead me here. Hoping this leads to a solution, thanks!


Nov 20th, 2023 02:34 AM

The Paddle Laravel cashier package is still not upgraded:

Waiting for the official release to be announced and will continue with the Wave integration.