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HTML is made up of multiple tags in order to create a web page. So what are these tags that we speak of...

A tag is when you have a less than sign <, followed by some text and then enclosing it with a greater than sign >. As an example take a look at the opening paragraph tag below:


The code above is referred to as an opening paragraph tag. One thing to note is that when you open a tag <p>, you must also close a tag </p>.

In order to close a tag, you will do the same as an opening tag except you will start it with a less than sign and a forward slash </.

So the code below is referred to as a paragraph tag:


The text that you put inside of the paragraph tag will be displayed as a paragraph on the webpage.

There are some cases where you will not need a closing tag, but those are very few, so just keep in mind that when you open a tag you must also close a tag.

So, in the example from the previous section we added our default HTML structure and inside of the body of our page we displayed the message Hello There in a paragrah tag

HTML Structure

There are many tags that you can use to display different kinds of elements on your web page. Learning HTML is essentially the same things as learning about all these tags and how we can use them.

Next, lets move on to talking about elements.