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HTML Paragraphs

A paragraph tag is represented by using <p></p> tags and these tags will display a paragraph on a web page. Take a look at the following example below:

<p>I'm a paragraph</p>
<p>I'm another paragraph</p>

Paragraphs are typically the default text many websites use to display text. In fact this sentence that you are reading is in fact a paragraph itself.

Remember when opening your <p> tag, you must also close the tag </p>.

If you wish to add line breaks in your paragraph element you can use the <br> tag. Take a look at the example below:

<p>I'm a paragraph</p>
<p>And I'm <br>another paragraph</p>

The code above will give you the following result:

HTML Paragraph with break tags

Next, let's move on to talking about HTML Headings.