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Welcome to this HTML basics training guide. In this guide we will train you to become an HTML ninja!

HTML Tutorial

HTML is the first scripting language you'll want to learn as you are getting into web design. Learning HTML is fairly simple as long as you have a basic knowledge of using computers.

There is one term that I want to clear up before we begin. Often times you may hear people refer to someone as a web developer or a web designer...

Well, what's the difference?

A web designer will typically work on the front-end of a site which include working with HTML & CSS, whereas a web developer will typically work on the back-end of the site which include working with server-side languages such as PHP, GO, or Ruby.

As you gain more knowledge, It's usually a good idea to have an overall understanding of web design and web development, but nonetheless, web designers and web developers are all the same.

We all want to create some cool stuff!

Lucky enough the DevDojo has you covered with a ton of web design and web development tutorials.

So, what do you say we get started on this exciting journey. In the next section we'll talk to you about the definition of HTML.