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The PHP Singleton Class

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PHP Namespaces

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Glide PHP

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PHP DateTime with Carbon

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Create a PHP Login Script

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PHP Detect if non-english

If there ever comes a time when you wish to detect whether a string has english characters or not....

Laravel Notifications

Notifying users of various things that happen in your application is super easy to implement thanks ...

What is a PHP Trait

If you are new to PHP or even if you are a veteran PHP programmer you may have heard about traits&nb...


You’ve probably heard about PHP 7 and you're probably excited that a new version is available....

PHP classes in a nutshell

If you are new to PHP you've probably heard of the term class. In this quick article we'll teach you...

Using Namespaces in PHP

First let's start off by answering the question... "What the heck are these weird things called name...

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