Building a new version of my Job Board Software

Written by Stefan Wuthrich - ☕-lover, but #golang ? on Dec 30th, 2021 Views Report Post

Its now about 1.5 years I wrote the software, which runs my Job Boards,,, and I wrote the software back then already as multi-tenant software, which runs all boards on one docker instance, allowing theming and different skill sets. I used the Go, Vue, Redis, ArangoDB, Nsq Stack I use for all of my projects.

Now I started to write a new version of the Job Board Software, which resolves 3 points much better than the actual one:

  • SEO
  • Fully flexible Layout and Theming
  • Flexibility of configuration of skills, price plans, and other topics

The Stack will stay the same on the backend side, as it just works fine. For the Frontend of the job listing, I move to use Go with Django Templates (pongo2) and AlpineJS/Tailwind. The reason is mainly Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Vue or ReactJS based SSR solutions are fine, but just an overload and templating as I need it would be a painful story, while not bringing any real plus for the solution and/or customer.

A simple first version of the software runs now my new React Job Board for Jobs related to React JS Developer Jobs and React Software Engineer Jobs.

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