Laravel Kustomer is a simple Laravel package that adds a customer feedback popup to your site. This package was created by ClĂ©ment Rigo, you can checkout the repo here:

Take a look at the demo image below:

Installation is very easy. You can run the following composer command to install the package:

composer require mydnic/laravel-kustomer

Then you'll need to publish the assets and run the migrations:

php artisan kustomer:publish

php artisan migrate

Finally, add the CSS and the JS in the header and include the component in your HTML:

        <script src="{{ asset('vendor/kustomer/js/kustomer.js') }}" defer></script>
        <link href="{{ asset('vendor/kustomer/css/kustomer.css') }}" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
        <div id="kustomer">
            <kustomer :params="{{ json_encode(config('kustomer')) }}"></kustomer>

And you're good to go!

Checkout the repo to learn more:


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