Tails - Pricing and Unlocking Question


September 23, 05:14 AM

I see that Tails is $15 a month (maybe that is to use all of devdojo, but not sure) to unlock all the design blocks. Question: Tailwind charges $149 to have access to this on their site and devdojo charges $15 a month to access it, so I am confused. Do I need to pay the $149 at Tailwind and the $15 here or do I just pay the $15 here and get all the UI Components?

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September 23, 05:17 AM


By becoming a DevDojo Pro user, you will have access to all of the Tails Components along with all of the premium DevDojo features as listed here:

DevDojo Pro Features

The current total price is $15 per month.

If you are referring to TailwindUI, this is a totally separate product that is not provided by DevDojo and is not part of Tails.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



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September 23, 06:59 AM

Thanks for the super fast response, but I am still a little confused. I understand now that you are totally seperate products and that DevDojo only provides Tails for $15 a month. What I am still confused on is the components that I use to in Tails, are these not Components created by TailwindUI (they are not the same components)? Ex. I go to TailwindUI and see a component I want to use, I come here and find it and drag into my project. Or are you saying that the Components in Tail are completely different Components? Again, thanks for the quick response.

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September 23, 07:08 AM


The Tails Components are completely different and have nothing to do with TailwindUI. You can see all of them and use them directly via the Tails app. The Tails components are hand-crafted by the DevDojo team.

There is no need to go to any other website to use the Tails components, it is all in once place here.

You can watch this video here on how the Tails app works:

Tails Demo

Let me know if anything is not clear!



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September 23, 07:16 AM


Maybe to give a bit more context here. TailwindCSS is a free technology that lets you style your apps. Tails on the other side is a tool that uses TailwindCSS and provides you with 200+ ready UI components that you could use and edit directly via the Tails App.

The company behind TailwindCSS also has a paid product called TailwindUI that costs money. But you don't need to have a TailwindUI account in order to use TailwindCSS and Tails.

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