Wave Update Process


September 3, 08:49 AM

Hi I am just about to update to the latest version to try and overcome the stripe issue already mentioned. I have been developing a series of blades and updating the routes and adding controllers within Wave. The update to 1.03 process will mean having to add them back to the wave folder after updating. Is this going to be a repetitive process? Could/should I place the controllers (wave/src/Http/Controllers) and routes (wave/routes) somewhere else?

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September 6, 09:35 AM

Best Answer

Hi there,

Yes indeed, you would need to either manually add your custom controllers and routes back after the upgrade process as described here.

In the long run in order to avoid this you could indeed keep your custom routes and outside the wave folder.

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September 21, 11:40 PM

Will it be possible to provide a change log of some sort for future updates.

I think it is just helpful to know which areas of the application may have been impacted.


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