Any ideas what to do next?


September 9, 05:34 AM

Hello. I want some ideas for my next couple posts. PLease mention some below.


Idea: How to install (blank)
Reason: (blank)
Name: (blank)

If I accept your idea I will give you credit!

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September 14, 12:03 AM

Idea: How to install Git

Reason: Because Git is awesome!

Name: Boyan Iliev

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September 14, 01:35 AM

Best Answer

Idea: How to Kubernetes

Reason: Kubernetes is 🔥 now

Name: Bobby Iliev

As you are writing lots of Linux related content, why don't you include your DigitalOcean referral link in your posts? You could get some free credits when people use your code, then you could use those credits to spin up your own Ubuntu servers on DigitalOcean.

If you don't have a DigitalOcean account you can use my referral link to get free $100 credit:

Free $100 DigitalOcean credit

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September 14, 03:45 AM

I use Google Cloud. Not Digital Ocean.

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September 14, 03:49 AM

Oh ok, do they have a federal program?

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September 14, 03:56 AM

Google Cloud does have a Referral Program! Thanks

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September 14, 11:37 PM

That is nice! I did not know that!

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Markdown Basics

Below you will find some common used markdown syntax. For a deeper dive in Markdown check out this Cheat Sheet

Bold & Italic

Italics *asterisks*
Bold **double asterisks**


Inline Code
`backtick`Code Block```
Three back ticks and then enter your code blocks here.


# This is a Heading 1
## This is a Heading 2
### This is a Heading 3


> type a greater than sign and start typing your quote.


You can add links by adding text inside of [] and the link inside of (), like so:



To add a numbered list you can simply start with a number and a ., like so:
1. The first item in my list

For an unordered list, you can add a dash -, like so:
- The start of my list


You can add images by selecting the image icon, which will upload and add an image to the editor, or you can manually add the image by adding an exclamation !, followed by the alt text inside of [], and the image URL inside of (), like so:

![alt text for image](url_to_image.png)


To add a divider you can add three dashes or three asterisks:
--- or ***

Embedding GIFs via Giphy

You can easily embed animated GIFS with the following syntax:
{% giphy %}

Embedding Codepens

You can also embed a codepen by writing the following:
{% codepen %}

You may also choose the default tabs you wish to show your pen by writing the default-tab like so: (default is result)

{% codepen default-tab=result,html %}

Embedding CodeSandbox

You can also embed CodeSandbox by writing the following:

Embedding YouTube Videos

You can also embed a YouTube video by writing the following:
{% youtube VIDEO_ID_HERE %}


You can also embed your "Buy me a coffee" button by writing the following:
{% buymeacoffee BUY_ME_A_COFFEE_USERNAME_HERE %}

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