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Learn TailwindCSS

TailwindCSS has taken the CSS world by storm. This utility-first CSS framework will allow you to create some beautiful web pages. What does utility-first actually mean? Glad you asked.

Tailwind has a set of utility classes that you can add to any HTML element. For instance adding the class bg-black will add a black background to any element. Here's another one, we can add text-white to any element to apply color: white. We can use a huge library of these utility classes to add styles to our elements and our HTML webpages. That is why Tailwind is referred to as a utility-first CSS framework.

There are so many more benefits to using this framework, be sure to check out this post here on the top 5 reasons to use Tailwind. After spending some time with Tailwind, I have no doubt that you are going to absolutely love it. But, be warned because after you start using Tailwind, it will be hard to switch back to another project not utilizing this awesome framework.

Ok, I hope that you are pumped to learn how to use this library to create some super bad-ass websites. In this guide you are going to learn the basics and we are going to make it fun and super easy.

Let’s move onto the next section where we’ll show you how to install Tailwind and how you can give it a quick test-drive.