Bash User Input

With the previous script, we defined a variable and we output the value of the variable on the screen with the echo $name.

Now let's go ahead and ask the user for input instead. To do that again open the file with your favorite text editor and update the script as follows:


echo "What is your name?"
read name

echo "Hi there $name"
echo "Welcome to DevDojo!"

The above will prompt the user for input, and then store that input as a string/text in a variable.

We can then use the variable and print a message back to them.

The output of the above script would be:

  • First run the script:
  • Then you would be prompted to enter your name:
What is your name?
  • Once you've typed your name just hit enter:
Hi there Bobby
Welcome to DevDojo!

To reduce the code, we could change the first echo statement with the read -p, the read command used with -p flag will print a message before prompting the user for their input:


read -p "What is your name? " name

echo "Hi there $name"
echo "Welcome to DevDojo!"