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BUILD PACMAN by Jeffrey Biles

This is a book about surviving an alien invasion and using web technologies.

In this book you'll learn the basics of Javascript (including some new ES6+/ES2015+ features), play with HTML5 Canvas, and take advantage of EmberJS and ember-cli.  You'll also train as a PAC operator- ripped from your comfy lab by a special order from the Elders, you must learn quickly in order to help fight off the alien menace.

BUILD PACMAN is meant for users who know at least one other programming language but aren't terribly experienced with Javascript.  However, it's also useful for people who know Javascript but want a gentle introduction to (parts of) EmberJS, people who are curious about new Javascript features or HTML5 Canvas, and people who just want to relax and BUILD PACMAN.

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Page Count: 189

Word Count: 41879

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