Developing an HTML5 Brick-breaker Game With Phaser

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Developing an HTML5 Brick-breaker Game With Phaser by Jorge Palacios

This book is intended to be a practical introduction to HTML5 game development using the Phaser framework by developing a complete game with well-known mechanics. It is bundled with all the necessary assets, so we can focus on the code and not finding extra resources, or developing "programmer artwork".

By the end of the book, you'll have learned to:

  • Set up an organized file structure for developing games for the web
  • Create a blank game and test everything runs OK
  • Import images and sounds
  • Show and move sprites on the screen
  • Manage a group of sprites
  • Play sound effects and background music
  • Show text on the screen with custom web fonts
  • Handle touch and keyboard input
  • Detect collisions and use the Arcade physics system
  • How to start using the particle system
  • Manage game states
  • Create a "loading" screen
  • Optimize the game for mobile devices

You can play the game online on at:

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Word Count: 6084


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