Where is the search function?


Dec 30th, 2022 03:55 PM

Hi, I can't seem to find the search function? Search questions & posts, I was able to find it in the previous version of the site but on this new one I cannot seem to figure out where it is.


Dec 31st, 2022 02:33 AM

Best Answer

Hey Alex,

You could do that by pressing CTRL+K or if you are on a Mac COMMAND+K. This will open the search box.

Let me know if you have any questions.




Dec 31st, 2022 10:13 AM

Hmph. Interesting, I haven't seen this/that before. I'm currently on a Windows/Surface device and it opens but wont actually search.

Is there no search pages/urls? Generally, Search is embedded in either the header and/or as part of "global navigation".


Jan 3rd, 2023 01:07 AM

Hi there David,

This is just a UX decision, the search works in the same way as normal, just you open it with CTRL+K or if you are on a Mac COMMAND+K. We might add a reference to that in the menu in the future!