Wave on AWS Elastic Beanstalk


September 13, 08:24 PM

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has deployed Wave on AWS Elastic Beanstalk?

when I upload my code it fails to deploy, with the first error being "Instance deployment failed to install Composer dependencies specified in 'composer.json' in your source bundle. The deployment failed."

I checked the AWS documentation, and it looks like the json file is in the same sujested format.

I was just wondering if there is anything particular i need to change in order to depoly it under this enviroment, or if anyone has tread this ground before me.

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September 14, 12:04 AM


I think that Wave currently runs on PHP 7.4. Make sure to specify that when you try to deploy to AWS:


Let me know how it goes!



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September 15, 12:13 AM

Oh thank you so much Bobby. Sometimes it's just that one little thing that makes all the diffrence, really appreciated :)

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September 15, 05:22 AM

Best Answer

No problem at all! Happy to help 🙌

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