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June 21, 10:19 PM

Hi, I love the block designs and how easy it is to use tailwind page builder. I am a novice, please excuse if these are total noob questions. I am trying to move my wordpress site, it would be awesome If I can solve these issues.

  1. How to remove unused CSS and create new CSS file as per JIT. I am using 2kb, while the size is 72kb

  2. How to handle form data. is there a php script file available which just needs to be configured ?

  3. This is perhaps outside the scope, but still. any suggestions for managing blog content.

Regards Prakash

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June 22, 04:28 AM

Hi there,

As you need to add some backend functionality like a Blog and contact forms, I would recommend using Laravel.

Regarding the CSS question, if you are using Laravel, you could follow the steps on how to set all that up in this great tutorial by @thinkverse here:

How to install and build TailwindCSS v2 with Laravel Mix

What you could do is actually use Laravel Wave which comes with a Blog functionality out of the box:

Laravel Wave

Alternatively if you don't need all of the functionality from Laravel Wave, you could use Laravel Voyager which is a great control panel for your Laravel application:

Laravel Voyager

Regarding your contact form question, you can follow the steps on how to setup a contact form with Laravel here:

Contact Form with Voyager and Laravel - Step by Step guide

Hope that this helps!



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# This is Heading 1
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Heading 1

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Heading 3

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