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January 8, 12:05 AM

First of all, I wish you all the best for this new year and I take this opportunity to apologize since English is my third language. I have analyzed the documentation and been changing options with the wave site and I have found the following particularities:

  1. The setting of themes in Firefox is not the same as in crome. I have prepared a video that I have the section of my videos to show this.
  2. Create a new theme, copying the folder and modifying some parameters. The image is broken , it does not appear but the file is there. I have cleaned the cache but I can't get any changes
  3. I have made some changes to Wave but I don't get what I expected. I have cleaned the cache but I can't get any changes a. WAVE_SHOW_DOCS=false but I don't see any changes in the interface since the documentation still appears. b. I need a solution for people who speak Spanish too, the information of Voyager states that is multilingual, however I do not see that reflected in this wave module. I have enabled the multilanguage option in config/Voyager.php but I don't notice any changes in the pages. There is a way to enable this in this module. c. Finally, I have tried to install the "Geekshop" application and when I compose install the code I have downloaded and I get the following error `[RuntimeException] require.voyager-themes is invalid, it should have a vendor name, a forward slash, and a package name. The vendor and package name
    can be words separated by -, . or _. The complete name should match "^a-z0-9*/a-z0-9 *$".

I'm evaluating wave, because I have the following need, for this reason I have entered this community to learn more about this solution.

I have developed a series of software solutions for SMEs related to the mechanical and construction fields, and I would like to think that with wave I will be able to use it for user management and solution rental. However, I have my doubts because I don't know if this is the right program, if I should contract with you for some adjustments. For example, a software module developed "e-NDICC" (solution for quality control of construction sites/machines built - []). Whoever rents this solution receives an administrator user and can create technical users who perform the inspections. The administrator user can define inspection orders (projects) and associate technicians to an order. But he can also give permissions to customers to view the inspection data. In a nutshell, a solution has 1 user (Inspector administrator) or several (inspectors). Each user can work on one or several orders (projects). The administrator user can define that a certain client has access to a certain order. The administrative user is the one who defines the plans and pays the subscription. But how would users and clients be handled in wave. Is this possible in wave?

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January 9, 01:16 AM

Hi there 👋,

No need to apologize, your English is super good! I'm also not a native English speaker so I know the feeling.

Regarding your questions:

  • We will look into the Firefox differences
  • Regarding the missing image, I could suggest creating a folder for your new theme in your public folder, for example: public/themes/your_new_theme_name_here/. Change the your_new_theme_name_here with the name of your theme and upload your static files there.
  • Regarding the docs, the UI will not change, you will need to remove the link from your Laravel view. The WAVE_SHOW_DOCS=false will disable the access to the /docs url, and if you visit it it will return a page not available error.
  • The Voyager translation, will change the language of your admin panel. You would need to update the frontend language via your Laravel views
  • As a quick fix for the GeekShop installation, you can edit the composer.json file, find the following line:
        "voyager-themes": "^0.11.0",

And then change it to:

        "thedevdojo/voyager-themes": "^0.11.0",

We will look into fixing this permanently.

Wave is a great way to kick start your SaaS, as it comes with a lot of tools out of the box, so you don't have to spend time on things like client area, user management, billing, subscriptions and etc. However application specific logic for your app still needs to be coded as usual.

Let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Bobby

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