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July 30, 08:13 AM

I have went through many routes and cannot get the wave platform to show. I have put it in domain/project as well as put it in the folder above the public_html as well as in it. Either way I can't see it. I just get a 403 error. What am I doing wrong?

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July 30, 09:29 AM

So I found that if I go to domain/project/public I can see the site but the images don't work and some of the links don't work correctly.

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August 2, 01:10 AM


For your images, make sure to do these two things:

  • Add the storage symlink:
php artisan storage:link
  • Set the APP_URL in your .env file to match your domain name

Let me know how it goes!


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August 5, 10:33 AM

I have also done the storage:link I have the correct APP_URL in the .env I have done everything short of learning the whole laravel language in 24 hours. I have installed in the path with public_html as well as inside of public_html. In the path with it I get an error trying to access the autoload and app files that the index calls for. saying that I don't have permission. I set an owner and I set permissions. Still had an error.

Inside of public_html I get one of 3 things.

  1. 403 Forbidden Unfortunately, you do not have permission to view this.
  2. A site that isn't getting the onsite images, css or js. Only ones linked from other sites in the code. Basically no them or no storage features.
  3. The site shows up in structure using the theme as it should but anything called from storage isn't shown even with the correct storage link, folder and file permissions in the storage folders. The storage link is showing when inspecting the site.

I am going to try to get a version showing the theme correctly and then we can try to troubleshoot it.

The system never notified me that you responded.

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August 5, 12:19 PM

Ok I have a site with the them working. I started all from scratch. Nothing within the symlink is called and used on the site.

example in admin is called like this

img src="/storage//settings/April2021/deploy-to-do.png" class="hidden-md" style="width:40px; height:40px;">

The hyperlink for this essentially is which doesn't display the image.

In browser inspector if I change that link to this below then the image shows perfectly. img src="/storage/app/public/settings/April2021/deploy-to-do.png" class="hidden-md" style="width:40px; height:40px;">

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August 6, 01:33 AM

What I could suggest here is to change your document root so that it points to the public folder, so that you don't have to visit but you could visit your domain directly.

This is also why you could be having those problems with the path to the images.

What web server are you using? I can guide you on how you could change the document root.

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August 6, 05:16 AM

VPS running Debian 10 and VestaCP Apache2

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August 6, 05:26 AM

DocumentRoot /home/user/web/ is what I have been doing. I have also tried as DocumentRoot /home/user/web/ with public_html being the project and DocumentRoot /home/user/web/

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August 6, 05:40 AM

The path depends on where you've actually installed the app, so for example if you've intalled it at /home/user/web/ then the document root should be set to:


And if you've installed it at /home/user/web/, then the document root should be:


If you wish you could send over the login details to and I can have a look at it for you.

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August 6, 06:05 AM

so the best version I have right now is at /home/user/web/ and the root is set to /home/user/web/ the symlink is set at /home/user/web/

What login details would you need? I can send whatever you need.

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August 6, 06:20 AM


Yes this setup looks very good actually. Are you still seeing the problem with the images? Also does your APP_URL match exactly your domain name including the HTTPS/HTTP part?

If you are still seeing the problem, it would be best if you could send over the SSH details to the server.

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August 6, 06:30 AM

Information has been emailed. Thanks

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August 6, 06:31 AM

Yes still have a problem with images. APP_URL matches including HTTPS

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August 6, 07:13 AM


So after some investigation, it looks like that the Apache Document root is still pointing to /home/user/web/ but your wave install is at /home/user/web/

The quickest fix is to change the Apache Document root to:


As you are using VestaCP, you can follow the steps here on how to host a Laravel app on VestaCP:

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August 6, 01:24 PM

Best Answer

So as a step before I reinstalled I changed the document root in proxy and that worked. Thanks for your help.

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