Laravel App on DigitalOcean and installation of Composer


Jun 30th, 2022 08:51 AM

Hi, I'm using the Laravel one-click droplet on DigitalOcean to install Laravel 9.12, Nginx, Ubuntu, and Composer, but am running into an issue. When I set it up initially, I get a prompt to set up the domain, SSL, etc., but I haven't yet had the opportunity to create a sudo user on Ubuntu and so am logged in as root. Because of this, Composer is created as root, which is apparently a no-no. I ended up with a couple of sites without permissions set up correctly, and a permissions error I believe related to Composer on installation. I just trashed the site and started over, which wasn't a huge deal, but am running into the same issue a second time. How do I create my sudo user first so that I can use the correct rights for installing Composer before creating the first site?


Jun 30th, 2022 11:59 PM

Best Answer

Hi there,

There should already be a sudo user that you can access with su larasail.

The Larasail script is part of the 1-Click installation, so you can even add new websites as described here:

Larasail docs

Once you access the larasail user, you should be able to make any changes as normal.

Regarding the permissions, can you confirm which file exactly is causing you troubles? I will investigate this further and patch the 1-Click installation on DigitalOcean.