Apr 30th, 2023 05:39 PM

Hi, in an older version of DevDojo, there was a way to create videos. They would have to be approved, of course, but as noticing my Vuepress post is popular, I think a video to accompany it would fit. I know there's a youtube embed feature, but let's be real here, exclusivity is better then publicity in some cases.

If this is not possible anymore, I 100% understand the decision. Cheers, SuperDev 🎉


May 1st, 2023 04:03 AM

Best Answer

Hi there!

You can add a new video through here:

Let me know if anything else pops up!




May 1st, 2023 07:24 AM

Thanks for the swift response Bobby! Curious as to why this is hidden :/


May 2nd, 2023 06:47 AM

Thank you for that feedback! Will try to work on exposing this more with some UI/UX changes!

But in general under the /everything page, you should see all of the links as well.


May 4th, 2023 06:39 AM

Thank you It will be helpful for beginners.