Gif as cover images for articles


April 7, 11:51 AM

Hi, just wanted to suggest a feature / ask if something is possible. How can I upload gif as cover images for my articles? Is that possible? if, as I guess, it's not possible, do you think you will implement this feature?

One thing that would make you even better than your competitors is to increase our customization possibilities when writing and article. Maybe allowing us to add two different cover images, the normal one and optionally an animated one. Then choosing who views the animated and the normal is the easy part of the trick, you can consider the platform (pc, smartphone...), or even more interesting, considering the reader connection (wifi or mobile, strong or weak...). Or easily, the user can choose between what cover image he want to see.

I also wanted to give you an idea, what about allowing people to write different articles depending on who reads them. For example a follower, or an user who is level 1 or 2 out of five in javascript, or an user with a level of 4 or 5, they all have a different article, with the same main content, but with slight variations. For example removing an intro for the more experienced one.
It's just a starting idea to be explored, but, maybe, you can do great things from that!

Thank 😃

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