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March 1, 08:19 AM

How do we embed Git code snippets ?

so far I have only seen code directly embeded on articles and strict markdown does not support it

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March 1, 08:32 AM

Hi there 👋,

As of the time being this is not supported, but I really like the idea so I will add this to our backlog and will start working on this soon.

In the meantime, you could use CodePen to share code snippets or as you mentioned you could embed the code directly in the article.

Regards, Bobby

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March 9, 01:19 AM

Best Answer

Hi there!

This is now available, you can use this liquid tag:

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March 20, 10:14 AM

amazing !!

will jump to use it !

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March 20, 11:48 AM

Sounds great! Good luck with your posts!

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March 21, 05:22 AM

I've tried this three different ways, and they don't seem to be working (at least in preview mode)

Nevertheless they DO work here. so it might just be an error on preview mode.

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March 21, 08:11 AM

Hi there 👋

Ah yes, there is a bug in the preview functionality indeed. I’ll look into this.

For the time being hat you could do is save the post as draft and view the post directly via the draft url.

Thanks for pointing that out!

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Markdown Basics

DevDojo uses Markdown syntax for writing posts, commments, and other content throughout the site. Below you will find some commonly used markdown syntax. For a deeper dive in Markdown check out this Cheat Sheet

Bold & Italic

Italics *asterisks*

Bold **double asterisks**


Inline Code `backtick`

Code Block

Three back ticks and then enter your code blocks here.


# This is Heading 1
## This is Heading 2
### This is Heading 3
#### This is Heading 4
##### This is Heading 5

Here is an example of how each heading will looks

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4
Heading 5


> type a greater than sign and start typing your quote.


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You can add images by selecting the image icon, which will upload and add an image to the editor, or you can manually add the image by adding an exclamation !, followed by the alt text inside of [], and the link inside of (), like so:

![alt text for image](https://cdn.devdojo.com/images/image.png)

Embedding Codepens

You can also embed a codepen pen by writing the following:

{% codepen https://codepen.io/your/pen/url %}

You may also choose the default tabs you wish to show your pen by writing the default-tab like so: (default is result)

{% codepen https://codepen.io/your/pen/url default-tab=result,html %}

Embedding YouTube Videos

You can also embed a YouTube video by writing the following:

{% youtube VIDEO_ID_HERE %}

Embedding Katacoda Terminal

You can also embed a Katacoda Terminal by writing the following:

{% katacoda %}

You may also choose if the terminal should float at the bottom of the page or be embeded in the post itself by writing float like so:

{% katacoda float %}

Embedding Asciinema

You can also embed an Asciinema video by writing the following:

{% asciinema YOUR_VIDEO_ID %}

You may also choose if the video should be added as an alternate rel tag, so it could later on be played with the `asciinema play https://devdojo/post-name` command, with the rel argument like so:

{% asciinema YOUR_VIDEO_ID rel %}

Embedding Gists

You can also embed a Gists by writing the following:

{% gist GIST_ID_HERE %}

Embedding buymeacoffee.com

You can also embed your "Buy me a coffee" button by writing the following:

{% buymeacoffee BUY_ME_A_COFFEE_USERNAME_HERE %}

Embedding CodeSandbox

You can also embed CodeSandbox by writing the following:



{% codesandbox https://codesandbox.io/embed/rough-field-mykn0?fontsize=14&hidenavigation=1&theme=dark %}

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