How to Kill All MySQL Sleeping Processes

for i in `mysql -e "show processlist" | awk '/Sleep/ {print $1}'` ; do mysql -e "KILL $i;"; done

Having a lot of MySQL sleeping processes can cause a huge spike in your CPU load.

Here is a simple one-line command which would kill all of the current sleeping MySQL processes:

for i in `mysql -e "show processlist" | awk '/Sleep/ {print $1}'` ; do mysql -e "KILL $i;"; done

Note that this is a temporary solution, I would highly recommend investigating and fixing the root cause of the problem. For example, you could configure the wait_timeout variable to a specific time that MySQL should wait before closing idle connections.

Hope that it helps.

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Here is what the above code is doing:
1. List all mysql process IDs
2. Filter out the ID's that are sleeping
3. Kill the sleeping processes

You can use the following command to find out the process ID's of the mysql queries that are running:

mysql -

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Created June 12th, 2021


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