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TechvBlogs ยท 2 years ago

How to Deploy Laravel Application with Nginx on Ubuntu

Laravel is one of the most popular open-source web application frameworks written in PHP. It aims to help developers build complex and straightforward applications by making frequently used...

TechvBlogs ยท 2 years ago

How to manage and use Nginx Virtual host in Ubuntu

Nginx is a web server that is gaining too much popularity recently. It is because Nginx is very lightweight and we can use it for multiple purposes. For example, We can use Nginx as a web se...

Bobby Iliev ยท 2 years ago

How to Deploy a Node.js App on Ubuntu with PM2, NGINX and Cloudflare

In this video you will learn how to deploy a Node.js application ready for production on an Ubuntu server using the following:- Install a specific Node.js version- PM2 to allow you to run an...

Ruan Bekker ยท 3 years ago

HTTPS for Local Development with MiniCA

In this tutorial we will use minica to enable us to run our web applications over HTTPS for local development. To read more about about minica check out their website. Generate Certificates...

Bobby Iliev ยท 3 years ago

BASH Script to Summarize Your NGINX and Apache Access Logs

IntroductionOne of the first things that I would usually do in case I notice a high CPU usage on some of my Linux servers would be to check the process list with either top or htop and in ca...

Lord SpoWN ยท 4 years ago

Install nginx php-fpm and mysql on ubuntu 19.04

how to install nginx php-fpm and mysql on ubuntu 19.04

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