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Tony Lea Β· 5 years ago

Larecipe Documentation Package

Create beautiful documentation for your project with LaRecipe. LaRecipe is a Laravel Package which allows you to create simple code-driven documentation.In this episode we will show you how...

Tony Lea Β· 5 years ago

Laravel Kustomer Package

Laravel Kustomer is a simple Laravel package that adds a customer feedback popup to your site. This package was created by ClΓ©ment Rigo, you can checkout the repo here: https://git...

Dev Dojo Β· 6 years ago

Create Unique Youtube URL's

Have you ever wanted to create a unique URL like Youtube. The URL usually has a cool unique key with something like: That looks much better than using the ID...

Dev Dojo Β· 6 years ago

Laravel Totem - Manage your Laravel Schedules

Laravel Totem is a new Laravel package that allows you to easily manage your Laravel Schedules. This package has a beautiful UI that allows you to create, edit, or delete your scheduled comm...

Dev Dojo Β· 6 years ago

Package Auto Discovery

With Laravel 5.5 and the latest version of composer we now have a new thing called Package Auto-Discovery this means that installing packages in your PHP and Laravel apps will become much ea...

Dev Dojo Β· 6 years ago

Top Laravel Packages for 2017

There have been many awesome packages created in 2017. In this article I'll give a quick round up of the top 5 Laravel Packages that I have been using recently. 1. Laravel Voyager Voyager i...

Tony Lea Β· 7 years ago

Glide PHP

In this video we'll show you how to do on-demand image manipulation with Glide PHP and Laravel. Using Glide you can easily create perfectly sized images to fit into any theme or front-end La...

Dev Dojo Β· 7 years ago

How to create a Laravel Package

Tony Lea Β· 8 years ago

Website Screenshots with Laravel

Below is the code used in the routes.php:

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