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Bobby Iliev ยท 2 years ago

Serverless Node.js URL Shortener App powered by Upstash Kafka and Materialize

This is a simple Node.js URL shortener app that uses Cloudflare Workers. The app is powered by Cloudflare Workers and Upstash Redis for storing data and Kafka for storing the click events al...

Bobby Iliev ยท 2 years ago

How to Deploy a Node.js App on Ubuntu with PM2, NGINX and Cloudflare

In this video you will learn how to deploy a Node.js application ready for production on an Ubuntu server using the following:- Install a specific Node.js version- PM2 to allow you to run an...

Tony Lea ยท 3 years ago

Cloudflare TV

Have you ever wished there was a TV station where people talk about geeky stuff relating to tech, web, and engineering? If so, you're in luck because our friends over at Cloudflare have rele...

Bobby Iliev ยท 3 years ago

Bash Script to Automatically Enable Cloudflare DDoS Protection

Introduction I host all of my websites on DigitalOcean Droplets and I also use Cloudflare as my CDN provider. One of the benefits of using Cloudflare is that it reduces the overall traffic t...

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