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Tony Lea · 6 months ago

Creating Modals in Laravel Livewire

In this tutorial I will show you how to create simple modals in Laravel Livewire. We are going to make use of an awesome package called LivewireUI Modal. This package allows you to create so...

Tony Lea · 7 months ago

Setting Alpine Data Outside of the Component

Using the new AlpineJS event system in version 3.0 we can easily set data from outside the component by using custom events. I had previously written an article where I showed you how to get...

Tony Lea · 1 year ago

Alpine Day & AlpineJS v3

Today @calebporzio, creator of AlpineJS, just announced the date for AlpineDay, which is June 10th, 2021 🎉. If you ever needed an excuse to blow off work and hang out with some incredible pe...

Tony Lea · 1 year ago

Alpine JS v3

Alpine version 3.0 will be coming soon! There is going to be an Alpine Day online event where the creator, Caleb Porzio, will be talking about some new things coming to Alpine as well as pus...

Tony Lea · 1 year ago

AlpineJS for Beginners

AlpineJS is a new javascript library/framework that focuses on simple javascript interactivity, and it does it really well. If you're looking for a JS framework with routing, state managemen...

Tony Lea · 1 year ago

Create a Typing Effect in AlpineJS

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use AlpineJS to create a simple typing effect. You can take a look at a quick example of what we'll be creating in the Codepen below: {% codepen https:...

Tony Lea · 1 year ago

Sharing State Between Livewire & Alpine

Laravel Livewire 2.0 was released a couple of months ago with some really cool features 🙌. One of which is the ability to share variable data between Livewire and Alpine! This is a really co...

Tony Lea · 1 year ago

Accessing Data Variables from AlpineJS

Notice: This article will work with Alpine v2, if you are using V3 you can checkout this new article on Setting Alpine Data Outside of the Component or you may choose to use the new Alpine...

Tony Lea · 1 year ago

Animations with Alpine

Alpine gives you the ability to implement simple javascript functionality in your application without pulling in a larger library like Vue or React. Some use-cases for using alpine are modal...

Tony Lea · 1 year ago

Building Apps with the Tall Stack

The Tall Stack is a full-stack development solution which combines a set of tools as a way of easily and quickly building applications. The Tall Stack consists of the following: Tailwind...

Tony Lea · 1 year ago

Intro to AlpineJS

I know what you’re probably thinking. Another javascript framework/library. But before you write this one off, perhaps you should take a look at how simple and flexible it is. Alpine can hel...

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