Checkout the prizes you can redeem for your Sushi Points

Total Sushi Points: 0

Spent Sushi Points: 0

Remaining Sushi Points: 0

Laravel Sticker

1100 Sushi Points

DevDojo Sticker

900 Sushi Points

Voyager Sticker

1000 Sushi Points

Vue.js Sticker

1100 Sushi Points

Official Rules

After earning enough sushi points to redeem a prize, you can click Redeem Prize from the prizes section. There will be no payment needed; however, you will need to provide your personal contact info so we can mail out a prize. After you redeem a prize, your sushi points will not go away, you will just have a separate amount of 'Spent Sushi Points', which will be subtracted from your total Sushi Points.


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