Laravel Voyager 0.10

Created on December 28, 2018

In this course you will learn about Laravel Voyager. Voyager is an admin for your Laravel application. You can build the front-end of your application and let Voyager handle all the back-end administrative tasks.

Using the Laravel Admin package you can have a full admin back-end for any Laravel app. Some of the functionality that voyager includes is:

  • Built-in Users, Roles, & Permissions
  • BREAD/CRUD Builder
  • Menu Builder
  • Media Manager
  • Settings
  • And so Much More.

Take a look at the course breakdown below:

1. What is Voyager

In this video I'll be showing you a demo of the Laravel Voyager Admin package.

2. Installing Voyager

In this episode I'll be teaching you how to install Voyager. Installing this package is very simple and will only take a couple minutes.

3. Configurations & Routing in Voyager

In this episode we'll be teaching you how to configure voyager and we'll also show you how the routing works in voyager.

4. The Voyager Menu Builder

In this episode you'll learn how to use the Voyager menu builder to build out your menu for your Laravel app. After creating a new menu you can easily include the menu in your app by echoing the following:


Additionally, if you wish to display the menu using CSS bootstrap you can pass a second argument like so:

Menu::display('name_of_menu', 'bootstrap');

Lastly, you can also include your own template by passing the location of a view in the second argument:

Menu::display('name_of_menu', 'nav');

And you can create your new file at resources/views/nav.blade.php. Inside this view you can retrieve all the menu items by referencing the $items variable.

5. The Voyager BREAD system

In this Video you will learn how to use the voyager bread system to easily manipulate data in your voyager admin. You may have heard of CRUD before which stands for:

  • Create
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete
And BREAD is very similar. BREAD stands for:
  • Browse
  • Read
  • Edit
  • Add
  • Delete

So, using the voyager admin you can easily Browse, Read, Edit, Add, and Delete any data from your application.


Voyager Homepage

Voyager Github Repo

Voyager Docs

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