Laravel Dusk

Created on December 28, 2018

In this course you will learn how to use Laravel Dusk. Dusk is a testing framework for Laravel which allows your to run end-to-end tests for your application. You can think of it like creating a robot to open up a browser, perform actions on your site, and then confirming if everything is working.

Take a look at the course breakdown below.

1. Laravel Dusk IntroThis is the Intro video for the Laravel Dusk Video Series.

2. Installing DuskIn this video we show you how to install Laravel Dusk.

3. Add Authentication ScaffoldIn this video we'll add the default Laravel Authentication so that way we have functionality to write some tests.

4. Create Your First TestIn this video we'll be creating our first Laravel Dusk test.

5. Testing User LoginIn this video you will learn how to test a user logging into your application.

6. Multiple Browsers and Failing TestsIn this video you will learn how to use multiple browsers in your tests and you'll also learn what happens when a test fails.

7. Adding Some Test FunctionalityIn this video we will add some functionality to toggle the visibility of a div on the home dashboard so that way we can create a test for it.

8. Dusk PagesIn this video we'll teach you how to create Laravel Dusk Pages.

9. Running Your Tests with PhantomJSIn this final episode we'll teach you how to run your tests with a headless browser using PhantomJS.

You can learn more about Dusk by visiting the Laravel Dusk repo at Additionally you can find the official documentation for Laravel Dusk at

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Laravel Dusk Intro

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2. Installing Dusk
3. Add Authentication Scaffold
4. Create Your First Test
5. Testing User Login
6. Multiple Browsers and Failing Tests
7. Adding Some Test Functionality
8. Dusk Pages
9. Running Your Tests with PhantomJS