How to suggest new components


Nov 26th, 2021 05:57 AM


how can one suggest new components for Tails ?

e.g. navigation with dropdown, mirror of content 9 and 10 - I know it's easy to copy paste, but with the drag'n drop one only have to change the text. different cards blog items - now that there is a blog main page contact forms


Nov 26th, 2021 07:05 AM


Thank you for the suggestions. The navigation with drop-down sounds like a good idea along with the contact forms.

Regarding the blog components, there are already quite a few blog components, but adding more sounds good.

For the contact forms, for the moment I could suggest using some of the other available forms and with slight modifications they should look ok, but would definitely look into adding some actual contact form elements!

Thank you for your feedback! It is highly appreciated!


Nov 26th, 2021 08:04 AM


sorry, I did not mean blog component, more a single blog item

Another thing that I think would need to be 'fixed' is the changing of 'default' color on the page, not all components support color change


Nov 26th, 2021 08:06 AM

Hi Steen,

Yep single blog items indeed would be a good addition.

As a side note, we are also working on Tails v2, so if you have any feature requests for the new version, feel free to share them here!


Nov 26th, 2021 09:39 AM

I have only used the tool for one day, but :)

Color management - so one can add custom colors - i know that demo images will not look like the color, but images will be changed anyway.

Project / container to hold multiple pages and then include tailwind.config.js with custom colors etc.

effects like Animate on Scroll - aos.js

when time comes I'll be happy to beta test


Nov 29th, 2021 01:03 PM

Hi there,

There should now be a contact form available as a component with the latest components that were just added to Tails :)